Bathroom Tiles And The Best Bathroom Design Ideas

FacebookTwitterShare Bathroom tiles set the tone for space. Creating a mood with bathroom tiles can lend a unique character to your bathroom. No bathroom can be complete without nice floor tiles that compliment the fittings and fixtures. A dynamic pattern on your bathroom floor or contrasting wall colour can really set the tone of your bathroom.

No longer are bathrooms limited in the choice of tiles to plain white, square shapes, and glazed ceramic finishes. Today, there are several hundreds of different styles, colours, sizes when it comes to finding that, and elusive, perfect bathroom tile. The materials are no longer limited to ceramic. You get tiles in travertine, sandstone, marble, granite to name a few.

If you are worried about the tile sizes for your bathroom, then quit worrying because now tiles are available in a variety of sizes. Piece them together can create a unique, striking, and eye-catching designing either on the floor or on the wall of your bathroom. If you think, you are not very creative to cover the entire wall from floor to ceiling with both the same type of tile as well as the same colour. Or you can create a completely different effect by mixing it up and having one colour of tile at the bottom of the wall and a different (contrast) on the top of the same wall separated by thin and textured pieces that work as a chair rail clearly distinguishing between the two types of tiles used. Your imagination is the only limitation when it comes to bathroom design.

Depending on the bathroom tile idea you have in mind, you will be able to choose tiles that suit the desired decor the best. The starting point for bathroom decoration is the range of shapes, sizes, textures, patterns, and materials these tiles are available in. A creative bathroom tile design idea can help you have the bathroom of your dreams.

Ceramic is the preferred material for bathroom floor tile as it is durable, offers resistance to dampness, and is non-slippery to walk on and use when wet. It is also easy to clean and stains can be removed with lesser effort. Of course, this does not mean that other materials aren’t user-friendly or durable. You can select tiles in the materials of your choice but check with the salesperson on durability and life.

We are listing down some bathroom floor tile ideas that can help you create the bathroom that you always wished for.

* Solid Color Tiles: Floor tiles in solid colours for your bathroom can help create a warm ambience. You can use tile borders in contrasting colours to the floor tile or you can create a pattern using two or more than two differently coloured tiles. The visual impact will be very interesting.

* Different Tile Sizes: Try to use coloured tiles for floors and walls in different sizes or lay them diagonally to create unique patterns.

* Contrasting Grout Color: Using contrasting grout colour with ceramic floor tiles looks very interesting. Ex: if you want to use white tiles then use grout in red, blue, or yellow colour for contrast. Do not forget to apply sealers to grout lines in heavy traffic areas to protect and preserve the colour of the grout.

* Using Your Favorite Tile Color: If your favourite bathroom tile colour is blue, you can consider adding some blue decorative tiles on the walls or use different shapes/textures to make the composition visually appeal.

* Contemporary, Chic Look: Use bold and bright colours with graphics against plain backgrounds. Add contemporary and sleek styled accessories and enjoy the chic look!

* Turn Up the Love Feel: Add a touch of romance to your bathroom with floral tiles in pastel or soft shades such as pink, light blue, light green or use hand-painted sinks and maybe get a wooden floor to complete the love-dovey look!

* The Mediterranean Look: A mix of terracotta tiles and Mexican or Spanish hand-painted tiles for the floors will create the trendy Mediterranean look.

The important thing when designing your bathroom is to pay attention to the bathroom tile colours because colours affect your mood while creating a warm, cold, or intimate ambience in the space. If you like bright colours them peach and yellow could be the colours for you. These warm colours make your bathroom feel cosy. Using neutral colours like beige, white, or similar colours make the area look large and reflect colour. Blues, greens, and violets are serene or cool colours, while reds, oranges, purples add a touch of drama to the bathroom as well as absorb light making the area look smaller.

Have fun shopping for your bathroom tiles. You can also browse bathroom tiles online. Remember to choose tiles that suit your individual tastes and are practical and don’t give in to trends, though you can always look at them for inspiration!

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